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Some thought on AlphaTensor

4 minute read


Recently, there is a heated attention on newly released paper AlphaTensor from DeepMind. The claim in the Abstract seems to imply that there is a great advancement for a 50 year old problem that Strassen’s algorithm was trying to address. This is really an intriguing claim, thus I spared myself some time trying to fully understand to what extent these claims are true, and how the algorithm they use looks like for such achievements.

Deep Learning Frameworks and Compilers

3 minute read


In previous blogs, we have covered the topic of scheduling tensor programs. This task might be viewed as one step in machine learning compilers, which I will provide an introduction in this blog.

Reinforcement Learning for Scheduling Tensor Programs

3 minute read


The idea of reinforcement learning has been applied for scheduling tensor programs, but so far, the RL algorithms being used are largely different from those being developed in the RL community. In this blog, I briefly summarize the existing methods, and dicuss potential and interesting working directions.

AI-Aided Problem Solving

2 minute read


AI techniques/algorithms keep advancing these days, along with that is an increasing interest on the question how these techniques and algorithms shall be harnessed for solving real-world problems. In this blog, I provide some of my thoughts on problem-solving and artificial intelligence.

Scheduling tensor programs

2 minute read


Tensor programs are ubiquitous, ranging from general matrix muliplication to deep neural networks. However, due to extensive float number computation, execution them can incur high latency. Indeed, it is well-known that the rejuvenation of neural networks is very much due to the use of GPUs for these computation — thus accelerating tensor programs is of great importance.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

less than 1 minute read


In this blog I provide an introduction to the game of Pommerman, a game designed for studying multi-agent learning.

The game of Hex

2 minute read


In this blog, I give an introduction to the game’s origin and key properities of the game.



On Hard Exploration for Reinforcement Learning: A Case Study in Pommerman

Published in AAAI Conference on AI and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 2019

Recommended citation: Gao, C., Kartal, B., Hernandez-Leal, P. and Taylor, M.E., 2019, October. On hard exploration for reinforcement learning: A case study in pommerman. In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 24-30).



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